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When you think about church, you might imagine a building with a pitched roof. You might picture people sitting in rows, doing the same thing, the same way, at the same time. We love church services and the many great things that come from them. Church services, alone can't produce disciples, nearly as well as we would hope. In fact, when Jesus started the church in the first century, it looked a lot different. They met in each other's homes, eating together, praying together, and growing with one another.


This is why we started LifeGroups.


LifeGroups are designed to be a way that people can come together, not in rows, eating a meal together, growing together and interacting with God and each other. We pray, eat, learn, and play as one in LifeGroups. Join one today and grow deeper with God and with people. 

Click one of the LifeGroups listed below, to get started

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If you did not find a LifeGroup above to join, please click button below to signup and allow us to help you get connected

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