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What to Expect at MCC


If you join us on a Sunday morning, You will see three things: heartfelt worship, sincere teaching and prayer, and loving people from all backgrounds.

The people you will encounter are generous, kind, and joyful about what God is doing in the lives, in our community. Come, join us this Sunday!


If you are concerned about what to wear, don't be. You will see everything from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts, so feel free to come as you are. 

Our services times are 9:00 and 10:30am. 

Music and Preaching

Our music is primarily contemporary in feel, while not forgetting our roots.

The preaching is always relevant, encouraging, and Biblically-based, but doesn't leave you untouched.


As for your children, we offer age appropriate environments where they will have fun and be pointed toward Jesus.

First time visitors are encouraged to arrive with about 5-10 extra minutes to register your family. Our normal check-in time is much shorter, about 2 minutes, but new families provide information that can take a bit longer. 


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